ATE, a renowned brand, rich in tradition

Original ATE brake pads for maximum quality and safety

With its range of original quality brake pads dedicated to the aftermarket, ATE offers its customers a large rate of coverage of the European fleet of over 95%.


Always the Good!

ATE offers you a large choice: high performance DOT 3 to DOT 4 brake fluids for ESP and motorsport. When replacing, always use an appropriate brake fluid, not the cheapest one.

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Original equipment quality since the 1920s

Continental has been supplying hydraulic master cylinders for vehicles since the mid-1920s.

Maximum security in any situation

ake advantage of the experience of one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers and brake specialists. With nearly 4 million brake discs sold, ATE is one of the European leaders among suppliers of brake discs. As with the original ATE brake pads, you can count on 100% proven quality implemented worldwide. Optimal braking power is guaranteed because we only use state-of-the-art original equipment in the production of original ATE brake discs.

Electric brake bleeding device 5 l FB 5e

The ATE FB 5e is an easy-to-use, robust and inexpensive brake bleeding device. It fulfills all the filling, flushing and bleeding requirements of modern electronic brake systems.

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