DASÖL, your lubricant specialist

The registered DASÖL brand offers a wide range of products which covers not only oils for cars and trucks, but also for gears and transmissions of marine, motorcycle, industrial and agricultural oils.
In addition to lubricants, DASÖL also includes coolants.
Soon, new products such as grease and white oils will also be available under the DASÖL brand.

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Lubricants and vehicle longevity

It is essential for the longevity of vehicles, which operate under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure / high speed, etc.) to be properly lubricated. Therefore, many parameters must be taken into account in order to develop the optimal shape and guarantee perfect lubrication which consists not only in reducing friction but also in detergent, anti-oxidation, cooling and sealing.
We therefore offer a wide choice of lubricants.

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