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GALFER a leading manufacturer of materials and components for braking systems for the automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle industries.
Company founded in 1952, known for being at the forefront of innovation and quality. Today, distributed by CONTINENTAL GMBH (ATE) we link our experience and tradition to new technologies through the use of advanced materials and the most advanced management systems.
To remain at the forefront of the market, to know the needs and requirements of the automotive industry, GALFER works in close collaboration with high-level competition teams.
All our products are rigorously tested in order to guarantee you the best quality and safety. The quality of GALFER braking systems exceeds ECE R-90 standards.
The GALFER business philosophy is based on values ​​that have led us to become one of the world leaders in brake systems. There is only one thing that our brakes cannot stop:
the speed at which we enter the future

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Brake pads

GALFER brake pads are produced in Europe’s most modern lining factory. Their sophisticated mixture of materials guarantees optimum friction characteristics, while our brake pads are run-in during production. This ensures that they provide full braking power right from the very start ‒ even when the brakes get hot on a long downhill stretch. If however a product liability situation should arise, our items can be easily traced.

Brake discs

GALFER brake disks provide optimum braking performance throughout their life. This is because we choose the material carefully and process it even more carefully. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be highly satisfied with our products. And we want them to get an all-round good feeling from fitting GALFER brake disks.

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