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Founded in 1961, ICER Brakes has consolidated in recent years as the leading independent European manufacturer of friction material and the best guarantee option against companies that have traditionally dominated the sector.

From the very beginning, ICER Brakes has oriented its activities towards offering the best quality and service while continuously striving to improve its products and innovate.

With its sites in Pamplona and Tudela, Spain, ICER Brakes today achieves a production of more than 22,000,000 units. The company is present in more than 70 countries around the world.

Brake pads

Currently, there are up to 200 different materials in ICER Brakes’ formulas to cover market needs and customer expectations for all applications.
All ICER Brakes brake pads are manufactured on the premise of strict compliance with the requirements of regulation R90. They integrate the peeling process, which has a big advantage when coupling the disc to the pad. They are put into press using an integral high pressure system which guarantees users optimum levels of comfort.
As for the brochures intended for commercial vehicles, the “NRS” technology was applied to the tourism range, which is one more step in our process of increasing the added value of our product.

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Pad wear indicators

The fruit of its collaboration with original component manufacturers, ICER BRAKES, S.A. can guarantee the quality of all its sensors. Indeed, the company uses the best materials to guarantee flawless operation in all situations, especially in the event of exposure to high temperatures which cause the brake system to overheat.

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