Classic camshaft

The camshaft operates both the intake and exhaust valves.

Inlet camshaft

If two camshafts are used, the intake camshaft only operates the intake valves. To allow maximum filling, the stroke of the intake camshaft is generally greater than the stroke of the exhaust camshaft.

Exhaust camshaft

The exhaust camshaft operates the exhaust valves in the same way as the intake camshaft. The stroke of the cams, often less than that of the intake camshaft, is due to the greater pressure difference at the level of the exhaust to evacuate the burnt gases.

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Air filters

The optimized degree of dust separation of air filters reduces wear on pistons, piston rings and cylinder work areas. Adapted to the characteristics of the engines and the mounting locations, the air filters effectively eliminate annoying suction noises.

Fuel filters

Even small impurities are enough to cause breakdowns fuel system. Injection devices in particular, require an extremely high fuel supply clean, free of pulsations and homogeneous.

Oil filters

The oil filters filter in the oil circuit and retain foreign bodies introduced into the engine by the fuel or the air drawn in, as well as the metallic abrasion residues produced in the engine.

Cabin filters

Cabin air filters prevent foreign particles present in surrounding air, such as dust, pollen, spores and soot, from
enter the interior of the passenger compartment through the ventilation system. In addition to fine filtration of solid particles, carbon cabin filters active absorb bad odors, toxic gases like oxides Nitrogen, Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone, and Hydrocarbons the interior up to 95%.

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