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Mecafilter air filters

One of the lifebloods of the engine is the air filter, which is the equivalent of the lungs for humans. Mécafilter air filters:

  • Allow the engine to breathe dusted ambient air
  • Retain airborne abrasive impurities, protecting the carburetor and engine injection system, and preventing scratches from segments and other moving parts in the engine.

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Mecafilter fuel filters

Mecafilter fuel filters help protect the injection pump in vehicles, detect and separate water from fuel, heat fuel (diesel), regulate pressure and remove fine impurities.

Mecafilter oil filters

Mécafilter oil filters rid the lubricating oils of abrasive dust, metal particles, combustion residues and any other solid impurities, so that only clean oils reach the lubrication points thus fighting premature engine wear. The quality and performance of Mécafilter oil filters ensures engine safety and longevity.

Mecafilter cabin filters

Mecafilter cabin filters have been developed to provide better air purity comfort for vehicle occupants. By filtering out harmful and toxic substances responsible for headaches, fatigue, allergies and respiratory inflammation, Mecafilter cabin filters help to improve the comfort and well-being of the driver and passengers and protect their health.

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