Butterfly Valve

  • The Pierburg range includes different types of throttle bodies for petrol engines.
  • The choice goes from mechanical throttle bodies to fully electronic “drive-by wire” throttle bodies for E accelerators.
  • PIERBURG is one of the largest suppliers of internal combustion engine applications in the world.
  • PIERBURG throttle bodies cannot be replaced by products from other brands.
  • A range of high-performance products for many types of vehicles.

Adjustment valves

  • For increasing the vacuum of the suction pipe and the precise dosage of the exhaust gas recycling rate.
  • A complete range of regulating valves for diesel vehicles.
  • PIERBURG is one of the major suppliers for European applications.
  • Increased demand due to the growing number of diesel engine approvals.
  • Important component for the regeneration of the diesel particulate filter.

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Mass air flow meters

  • A very high quality “requested product”.
  • A range of high-performance products for many types of vehicles.
  • Applications in original equipment, among others at Mercedes-Benz, Opel, VW and Peugeot.
  • Different types: with drain tube or as a separate plug-in sensor

Electric fuel pumps and fuel supply modules

  • A wide range of products including 240 electric fuel pumps and fuel supply units with significant market coverage.
  • A quality assortment for almost all applications and universal applications.

Electric valves

PIERBURG supplies a wide range of electric, pneumatic and thermal valves, switches and actuators, used to control certain engine functions and many systems, such as ignition, exhaust gas recirculation, secondary air intake, air conditioning, etc.

  • For precise control of pneumatic EGR valves.
  • For controlling the exhaust flaps / control valves.

EGR valves

  • A range of 95 types of electric and pneumatic EGR valves.
  • Faulty EGR valves cause complaints regarding black smoke production, loss of power, unstable idling, or acceleration failure.
  • PIERBURG EGR valves cannot be replaced by products from other brands.

  • Every modern diesel engine has an EGR valve.
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